Makeup Artists

Everyone at the wedding wants to look gorgeous and it is a big day for the bride. Another service that we include in Wedding planning in Sri Lanka is the makeup artists. So to make bride look the best we have trained and well known makeup artists. These artists not only specialize in make ups but also have knowledge about the skin which helps then to analyze the skin first and according to the nature of the skin they use the products.

Ourprofessional wedding planners and organizer work with makeup artists and provide a variety of options including regular party makeup for guests and for bride and first family air brush and HD style makeup are commonly done. These professionals give you a natural look as your skin tone. The makeup is done in a way that the pictures come out to be perfect.

We have options of makeup artist for which profiles can be provided to you. For such celebrations we prefer to get you a deal which includes a bridal makeup and makeup for your first family and guests too. Generally wedding packages in Sri Lanka we include a green room set up where they have their equipment and makeup kits to get the makeup done.